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Rappers: BewhY vs C Jamm


C Jamm


Pann: Guys, BewhY or C Jamm?

1. [+225, -60] C Jamm for me... I love C Jamm... I love him... He's cute... He's sexy...

2. [+127, -72] Definitely BewhY for my class, but I find him boring after listening to him repetitively. I prefer pop style like MadC and Seo Chul Gu, so C Jamm for me!

3. [+124, -221] C Jamm. BewhY is a rap monster but his accent sounds uncomfortable like a dialect ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I admit that he's good but I don't want to listen to him for a second time. I like how C Jamm's rap isn't uncomfortable and is witty.

4. [+108, -14] BewhY because his voice and tone are unique

5. [+90, -11] BewhY forever

6. [+89, -10] BewhY because his every stage looks sincere

7. [+75, -10] BewhY for me ㅠㅠ He prepares hard for his stages and his performances are always perfect. He's well-prepared, talented, and cute...

8. [+59, -6] C Jamm

9. [+56, -7] C Jamm has been doing relaxed raps(?) but he's really good

10. [+52, -6] How can you find BewhY boring... He has a lot of good songs

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