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Orthostatic hypotension

Pann: Do you guys also have this symptom?

(Pann describes a symptom of your sight going blank when you stand up suddenly)

1. [+217, -0] Ah, I also have this! When I stand up or sit down suddenly, my sight goes black and I can't see. It's not that severe though.

2. [+193, -6] Hul, when I stand up, my sight goes white for a few seconds

3. [+173, -5] Hul, I didn't know that it has an actual name... I also have this.

4. [+83, -2] Hul, me too. Sometimes, I have to hold onto something for a few seconds to make it go away.

5. [+64, -0] It's called orthostatic hypotension which has been a chronic disease for most people in this era. It's especially common among female teenagers who lack exercise and got their period. Like the OP, my girlfriend also suffered from it. She was fine when she stood up from a chair. But when she got up from a squatting position, she couldn't balance herself and she even fell. It doesn't cure it completely but the treatment she got was to exercise and eat healthy rather than taking medicine. Simple aerobic exercise and seafood like seaweed made her symptom a lot better! If you decide that it's not a severe disease and stop caring about it, your body balance will distort quickly. Find strength!

6. [+50, -1] This is really severe for me. When I get up from sleep, my sight is gray and white for 10 seconds and I hear a signal sound. I also have a headache ㅠㅠ

7. [+29, -0] Doesn't everybody have this? Is there someone who doesn't have it?

8. [+29, -2] It's a disease? I thought it was just a temporary symptom, I didn't know that it's an actual disease.

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