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Is there a trendy fashion that you don't understand?

Skirts with buttons

Wide pants


Pann: Is there a trendy fashion that you don't understand?

1. [+116, -1] Why do people care so much about others... It's personal preferences.

2. [+101, -19] I find choker blouses weird. It looks cheap in a funny way.

3. [+99, -5] I don't know about clothes but I don't know why choppy bangs are a trend. It looks fine on cute kids but it makes me swear when ugly people have it. I know this because I screwed up with my bangs and it ended up as choppy bangs. It made me swear.

4. [+75, -3] Wide pants are so comfortable though. You can also make it look free or fancy ㅋㅋ The designs are really diverse. High-waist wide pants with high heels make me look like a career woman and gorgeous. I think women in their mid or late-20's mostly wear wide pants, not students. They're really pretty. I'm glad I don't have to suffocate myself with skinny fashion anymore.

5. [+72, -11] Hul, but I find skirts with buttons cute

6. [+31, -4] Pajama blouses. Who the fuck started this trend?

7. [+24, -0] People pay their own money to buy clothes. Why do you care?

8. [+24, -34] I see off-shoulder shirts everywhere on a street... It looks good when worn occasionally but it's too much.

9. [+21, -4] Hawaiian shirts

10. [+19, -2] Bustier tops... Honestly, it looks suffocating unless it's worn by someone skinny or pretty.

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