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Experts pick the best & worst idol group names

Best idol group names
Bigbang - Its meaning matches the group's image.
Girls' Generation & GFriend - They were well-chosen for the Chinese market and they sound familiar.
SHINee - The word is visual and acoustic.
Infinite - The brave meaning from the name matches the group's image

Worst idol group names
K-Much - No matter what their music is, the name can't sound cool.
Sonamoo - The name is too ambiguous and we can't tell their gender nor what they're intending.
KNK - It doesn't deliver any other meaning except that they're tall.
Boys' Republic - The worst case of SNSD copycat names


Pann: Experts pick the worst idol group names

1. [+228, -155] How is BTS (Bulletproof Boys' Scout) any different from Boys' Republic?

2. [+209, -207] BTS is one of the worst names as well

3. [+208, -25] GFriend?? I freaked out as soon as I heard their name

4. [+56, -1] Gugudan is seriously terrible

5. [+41, -5] Isn't GFriend more weird? I honestly thought Red Velvet was the weirdest name but Lovelyz debuted and their name was even more weird. But after, the ultimate worst GFriend debuted. I now find Red Velvet and Lovelyz pretty names ㅋㅋ I wouldn't say GFriend is one of the best names. Sonamoo is a good name, though.

6. [+39, -8] I found BTS so funny at first but after hearing Bangtan multiple times, I found it pretty afterwards. It's BTS in English, it's nice and simple. You can also write the name with Chinese characters like 防彈少年團.

7. [+35, -2] Sonamoo is such a flop name indeed. It doesn't match the group at all and there's no soul in it.

8. [+33, -1] Do you guys know a girl group Pungdeng-E (beetle)? The group members are Red, Blue, and Yellow like traffic lights and their song is unique like Crayon Pop.

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