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Comebacks and debuts in August

Black Pink (debut) - Aug 8

IOI subunit - Aug 9

Oh My Girl - Aug 1st

Red Velvet - August

Cosmic Girls (13 members with Yeonjung)

IBI - mid-August

Hyuna - Aug 1st

Nine Muses A - Aug 4

EXO - mid-August

BAP - Aug 8

VIXX - mid-August


Pann: Idol comebacks and debuts in August

1. [+459, -115] We'll make EXO a triple million seller

2. [+328, -54] That's crazy. EXO had a comeback on June 9 and they're having another one in August? I love Lee Soo Man!

3. [+145, -49] VIXX's comeback in mid-August

4. [+77, -7] Just wait, EXO. We'll set records again!!

5. [+76, -84] I look forward to Black Pink the most since they're the new girl group after 2NE1 so they must be well-prepared.

6. [+56, -6] Please, SM... When will Red Velvet have a comeback... They said it'll be in July but there's no hints or accounts ㅠㅠ They must overlap with EXO's...

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