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'Abnormal Summit' preview discussing South China Sea dispute

Topic: Conflict between China and Philippines over the South China Sea

China: "I think the court ruling (China's loss) is absurd."

USA: "Apparently, China is making an island with rocks."

China: "It has been a Chinese territory since the Han dynasty from 2000 years ago."

Germany: "So just by claiming all of it as yours, you thought you could have it?"

Switzerland: "We have to respect the court's decision."

China: "I'm calm like this because I respect it."


Instiz: Next week's topic on Abnormal Summit

- Finally it has come

- I'm not gonna watch it since it'll makes me more frustrated

- This is such a sensitive issue... I really don't like that Chinese panelist ㅋㅋㅋ

- I really want to hear why China thinks that way

- These screencaps already make me speechless

- The topic is good but I'm sure the Chinese panelist will keep talking, the other panelists say something more, and end.

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