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[Brave Journalists + Radio Star] Popular 90's group can't reunite because of money issue?

Journalist: "There are rumors of a very popular group A in the 90's having a comeback. A lot of people are anticipating to see them, but they're having trouble with their comeback. The reason why they can't reunite for a comeback is because of a member B. Usually, reunion starts with a concert to perform old songs. The group's conflict started with the price of the concert tickets. The group members didn't want the price to be high, but B said, "I want the ticket price to be high to profit from it. And if we don't work with my staff, I won't be participating in it." The members tried to convince him, but B got upset and declared, "I'm done with you guys." The members are all upset with him currently. Even before B debuted, he was known for good financial skills. He's also the richest member of the group. According to an insider, he's too stingy for a celebrity."

MC: "Listening to the story, I think I know who he is. B really doesn't spend money."


Instiz: The reason why idol group A failed to reunite is because of B who is greedy with money?

- What's wrong with making the ticket price high though?

- It's a group in the 90's, there aren't that many of them

- When Sechs Kies guested on Radio Star, Kim Gura said a group can't reunite because of one member. Is this about them?

- I know who they are because of Radio Star but I don't know the member... So this was the reason

- Why doesn't he open a separate solo concert with highly priced tickets then?

Article: 'Radio Star' Kim Gura, "HOT can't reunite because of one member"

Source: TV Report via Nate

1. [+1176, -85] Everybody knows that Jang Woohyuk is the one who opposes it

2. [+761, -199] It's became of the gambler, not Kangta. Kangta said on a radio that he wanted to invite all the members.

3. [+627, -265] It's because of Tony An's gambling scandal

4. [+236, -34] It's because of SM, not Kangta. What Tony An? His broadcast ban just got lifted this month. Didn't you see Kyuhyun looking flustered? The founder of SM really hates the idea. SM did earn a lot from the group but the darkest past of SM is HOT and TVXQ split. Of course they don't want HOT's reunion. It'll be hard for HOT and TVXQ to reunite. JYJ kids left a long time ago but SM is still out there to hunt them, isn't it enough to prove? Unless SM changes their mindset, it's impossible.

5. [+148, -13] Let me tell you, the opposing person is Lee Soo Man

6. [+145, -6] Jang Woohyuk said, "I'm not against a reunion. But I'll never reunite for the sake of money." Jang Woohyuk and SM are still on a war of nerves.

7. [+96, -6] It's because Jang Woohyuk and SM aren't reaching on an agreement, not Tony An ㅋㅋㅋ It's because of the issue of money.

8. [+84, -2] If it's really because Jang Woohyuk doesn't want to reunite under SM, I honestly understand him. I don't view Jang Woohyuk positively but the other three members didn't leave SM voluntarily. Their contract expired and SM threw out the three members since their popularity lacked comparing to the other two members. Of course he'd be mad.

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