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Yesung and Taeyong get criticized for interrupting Eunji's win on Inkigayo

When Eunji was saying her winning speech, Yesung & Taeyong came and stood behind her

When she was done with her winning speech and the MCs started talking, they stood behind the MCs

When Eunji sang her encore song, they came behind her again and Yesung waved his hands


Youtube thumbnail shows the three of them


Pann: The second Road Boyz, Yesung and Taeyong

1. [+243, -47] Taeyong didn't do it voluntarily. Yesung put his arm around him and dragged him along ㅋㅋ Apink fans also said they noticed Taeyong being uncomfortable and they don't have anything against him. Don't criticize both together! I'm worried that Taeyong might get hate for something he didn't do because of his bad past.

2. [+165, -27] What pisses me off is that Yesung fans are being mad. Go on Twitter, they're a mess. "Your earnings are a joke." "Your results are a joke." "You don't even win a daesang after 5 years?" "Only 6.9 billion won of earnings?" "She didn't act like a hoobae." So how was she supposed to act then? Not just Pann, but Instiz users are also criticizing him harshly when they're known for shielding everything. But it's only Twitter that they're calling it a witchhunt and that the cameras followed Yesung. They can just apologize with one word but they're bashing Apink instead. It pisses me off.

3. [+158, -17] I don't want to mention this but it's so frustrating. Even after the show ended, he still danced behind Eunji.

4. [+107, -5] I feel so bad for Eunji ㅋㅋ She won #1 on a public channel for the first time but she got her spotlight stolen and she's getting unnecessary hate, fuck.

5. [+98, -4] Attention whore

6. [+87, -5] Who are they to be acting mad? If Yesung won #1 and Eunji did the same thing, they would've criticized her hard.

(Elf insulting Apink and Apink fans)

7. [+85, -4] I was flipping through the channels and I thought Yesung was winning #1 but Eunji was crying. The winner turned out to be Eunji ㅋㅋ

8. [+73, -2] Imagine if Eunji did this. She would've gotten all sorts of insults. But they're criticizing Apink fans instead.

9. [+71, -3] It's her solo debut in 5 years and her first win on a public channel. This video will follow her for the rest of her career and it's very precious for Eunji and her fans. It makes me more upset ㅠㅠ He should've been more considerate for his hoobae who was crying in front of him.

10. [+62, -16] Honestly, I don't know the result for Super Junior vs Apink, but if we're talking about Yesung vs Eunji, isn't Eunji more famous? Who are they to be mentioning his popularity ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I didn't even know how Yesung looked like.

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