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Togeworl Daeyoon defends Sulli on her controversial selca

Daeyoon commented, "Why is everybody bullshitting?"

His Instagram


Pann: Celebrity who commented on Sulli's controversial whipped cream picture

1. [+222, -7] He's a big attention seeker. After Superstar K, he went to clubs and hung out with non-celebrities. He was a big tryhard so the non-celebrities posted about him ㅋㅋ They said he said, "Why can't a celebrity come to clubs? The fuck" ㅋㅋㅋㅋ If you search "Do Daeyoon's celebrity disease", you'll get many results. Rumors say this is why only Lim Kim is promoting right now, not Togeworl.

2. [+186, -7] An attention seeker and another attention seeker

3. [+161, -5] Nugu

4. [+96, -1] Aigo Daeyoonie ujjujju~ You debuted in Togeworl with Lim Kim but right now Lim Kim is promoting as a solo and people are forgetting about you. You're a forgotten nugu, is this why you're acting bitter? Ujjujju are you doing this just to make people remember you as 'the Togeworl guy'?

5. [+77, -1] Superstar K did a really good job with editing... They made him a quiet innocent boy ㅋㅋ

6. [+75, -0] My family runs an instrument store and I can guarantee that it's known by most musicians and it's quite popular here in Changwon. He came to my store with his friends. There's a sample guitar for people to play, but he grabbed the most expensive guitar in the store. I asked him to play with something else but he refused. My parents gave up because they didn't think a celebrity would destroy a guitar. But he was being so loud and even other customers asked my parents to stop him. It led to a big fight with shouting and he left our store with an angry face. Since then, I've always believed the club stories of him. Rude jerk. I don't care if people believe it but I hope he continues with his studies or whatever so that Lim Kim won't be affected.

7. [+60, -2] Yikes, how is he a celebrity? He looks worse than non-celebrities

8. [+39, -1] Look at him being a tryhard ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Funny kid

9. [+35, -0] He's an attention seeker ㅋㅋ Whenever a pretty celebrity gets negative comments on Instagram, he goes and defends her ㅋㅋ

10. [+34, -0] This kid and Jang Bum Joon used to be top 2 during Superstar K... Well, his original personality isn't going anywhere.

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