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Special stages on Music Core + BTOB's yellow ribbons for Sewol Ferry

Twice - Me Gustas Tu

GFriend - Ooh Ahh

BTOB - You're The Best

Mamamoo - It's Okay

UP10TION - Boy group medley

Seventeen - Girl group medley

Cosmic Girls & EXID - Up & Down, Hot Pink

Apink & Oh My Girl - Mr. Chu, Remember


Pann: Which performance did you like the most on Music Core today?

1. [+237, -22] Mamamoo, BTOB, Seventeen, GFriend

2. [+202, -31] You're The Best... They looked the least awkward

3. [+191, -19] You're The Best was daebak

4. [+119, -2] BTOB was great. Mamamoo's chorus and high notes were daebak. I liked Seventeen and GFriend's voices and performances.

5. [+113, -6] Seventeen rearranged the song really well. They work really hard ㅋㅋ They come up with new choreographies every time and rearrange songs.

6. [+105, -9] Seventeen looked so cute. The rearrangement of the song was amazing. I also liked UP10TION's 12:30. For Love Me Right, the guy who sounded like Baekhyun did well.

7. [+88, -7] GFriend and Seventeen! GFriend looked very natural and Seventeen looked cute.

8. [+84, -0] BTOB, Seventeen, Mamamoo, Apink, Oh My Girl

9. [+84, -7] As a non-fan, I found Seventeen so cute. The rearranged song was good and the harmony was nice.

10. [+83, -3] I got goosebumps at Seventeen's Rough and Ice Cream Cake. It surprised me how a rookie group could sing and dance so well. Twice and GFriend are the rookie girl groups that stand out the most.


Pann: Idol groups that wore yellow ribbons on Music Core

1. [+190, -4] (Article explaining that BTOB's yellow ribbons fell on the stage and the members avoided stepping on the ribbons while dancing to the choreography)

2. [+154, -5] They also held up their legs to avoid stepping on them ㅠㅠ

3. [+128, -3] BTOB has a good personality. It's a pity that some of the ribbons fell. Cube has a good personality overall except one druggie wannabe. I want to see them for a long time.

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