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Radio Star mentions BTS and JYJ when introducing BAP Himchan... controversial?

After BAP's lawsuit, Himchan guested on Radio Star for the first time.

Kyuhyun: "He's an idol who's been around for 5 years, but you don't know him, right? You'll recognize him if we say "the group that had a lawsuit with their company.""
Kim Gura: "People don't know about that, either. Who does? They'd only think of JYJ leaving."
Kyuhyun: "After a year long lawsuit with their company, they reached an agreement and came back, but they got their fans stolen by BTS! Ah, what a headache~ Here's BAP Himchan!"


Pann: Today's Radio Star episode is controversial (feat. BAP, JYJ, BTS)

1. [+733, -281] But it doesn't look that problematic for non-fans. Only fans are going crazy.

2. [+324, -30] The cast itself was weird enough ㅋㅋ It was an episode of controversial celebrities, I don't understand why Himchan was included.

3. [+166, -152] People need to be aware of this. Let's see how long ShitBC can last ㅋㅋ

4. [+87, -10] Everything aside, look at the captions. "Fans stolen"? Can any person can write captions or what? Why should JYJ and BTS be mentioned? Why do they think BAP fans moved on to BTS? I wonder what the writers were thinking. I guess they were trying to make an issue since BTS is rising these days. I hope they don't cast BTS on this trashy show.

5. [+78, -7] When Himchan was singing, the put a footage of a recent showcase with the caption "singing to call back the fans that have left". They kept mentioning BTS, they were also in CG. I hope the ones that wrote the captions get pooped by birds.

6. [+76, -48] It'll be buried because he's an unpopular idol. It's not even issued.

7. [+71, -8] They portrayed Armies as BAP's former fans and mentioned JYJ carelessly when it's a sensitive issue to the artists and fans. So annoying.

8. [+64, -5] Why are they even mentioning BTS? Stealing fans? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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