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Minzy's withdrawal from 2NE1

Pann: 2NE1 disbands, tsk tsk

1. [+281, -2] Of course Minzy would want to leave the company. Whether she succeeds as a solo or not, she should be doing something. The company doesn't do anything for her... I hope they ended on good terms.

2. [+279, -12] Fucking Park Bom. They could've at least released songs if she didn't do drugs.

3. [+141, -6] Will there be a girl group in our country that promotes for more than 10 years?
- [+76, -6] SNSD?
- [+49, -1] They're not as big as before but excluding 2NE1, those that have popularity and influence for 10 years are only SNSD and Wonder Girls. Brown Eyed Girls is also lasting long but to be blunt, they're just there without anything special...
- [+65, -6] I approve SNSD but not Wonder Girls. Last year's digital sales, physical sales, wins, and everything pinpoint that SNSD was above ㅋㅋ It was Wonder Girls' first comeback in three years but their results last year are a complete flop. They used to be #1 all the time.

4. [+84, -1] Minzy debuted when she was 16 and the unnies were 10 years older than her. She must've struggled hard. She wasn't even promoted properly... It's a pity because she's very talented.

5. [+62, -1] Poor Minzy. I think she'll flop if she comes back as a solo.

6. [+55, -3] I think Sandara will do decently if she's lucky. It's a pity but it'll be hard for Minzy. She can dance and sing but she lacks star qualities. Park Bom is............ CL is probably the one with the most potentials. Her stage presence is no joke and she seems to be getting good responses in the US.

7. [+37, -3] Isn't Minzy's withdrawal a danger to the group? SNSD was 9 members but they were still hugely affected when Jessica left. Minzy is in charge of dancing 2NE1 so if she leaves, no one will be able to carry the stage except CL.

8. [+37, -0] What will she do by herself though? She should've stayed in the company. At some point, the group would have a comeback eventually.

9. [+23, -0] It's not a disbandment. Only Minzy is leaving and the rest of the 3 members will have a summer comeback.

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