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Kai & Hoya's drawings of fans + pictorial of Kaistal and Taemin

How Kai drew his fans

How Hoya drew his fans


Pann: Two idols' opposite drawings of fans

1. [+203, -4] It doesn't matter whether the drawing looks ugly or not. For Kai, fans are just annoying creatures that shove cameras. For Hoya, fans are the ones that always cheer for him. It's fine to be bad at drawing but Kai's drawing is just rude ㅋㅋㅋㅋ If he tried to draw it prettily, he would've drew a narrow chin and big eyes like Hoya's.

2. [+166, -2] Hoya drew fans cheering for him and Kai drew fans holding cameras... I can tell how he thinks of his fans.

3. [+161, -9] Don't mention Infinite to bring down others

4. [+83, -0] I honestly stan these two groups and L sent this picture in a chat to describe us. How different.

5. [+70, -1] Infinite always talks about how pretty their fans are. Most of my Twitter friends are Inspirits and Bana. Everytime Infinite does an interview, they mention that they get surprised at pretty fans at fansigns and concerts.

6. [+69, -1] Kai drew it effortlessly and it's an ugly fan. Hoya isn't good at drawing but he tried to draw pretty eyes.


Pann: Ah, so this is how Jongin sees us

1. [+222, -15] Do you reply like this to your girlfriend, too?

(Kai replied with 'k' to Chanyeol's happy birthday texts)

2. [+181, -18] He doesn't realize that fans turning their backs is more scary. Your face isn't that great, either. Please keep a mask on ^^ You look like shit after I left the fandom.

3. [+153, -15] Did you enjoy the lobsters with Soojung when we were busy catching false votes?

4. [+138, -81] Are they your boyfriend or what? Scary kids... This is why Kai and Krystal are covering their faces.

5. [+107, -5] 2PM is amazing. They have none of lovestagram, hinted relationship, or fooling fans. They've been 9 years but no big controversy. Honestly, when Jay Park left, they had weird rumors and fans went to the company and threw clorox. If I were them, I would've rebelled but they're still promoting well without a lawsuit. Saints...

6. [+97, -5] Can you fucking learn from your friend Taemin...


Pann: Taemin when Kai and Krystal were doing a photo shoot ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

1. [+256, -1] Shouldn't the two of them feel uncomfortable with Taemin? The three of them did a photo shoot so that their relationship won't be revealed. Fans don't like couple pictorials but because it was three people, fans liked it.

2. [+241, -6] When I first saw the photo shoot, I thought Krystal was stuck between them. But now I see that it's Taemin who's stuck.

3. [+126, -6] When I saw the photo shoot, I thought Taemin and Krystal looked good together but she already had a boyfriend...

4. [+75, -0] Taemin is amazing ㅋㅋ He has no controversy and he has a great personality. When I see pictures of him, I wonder what he does instead of dating.

5. [+54, -0] Do well, Taemin

6. [+53, -2] Lee Taemin ㅋㅋㅋㅋ He must've been uncomfortable.


Pann: At this point, I'm questioning if Taemin is really a human

1. [+241, -5] Taemin goes to the US and takes lessons when he's on a vacation, enough said... He's always not satisfied with his stages and he whines that he's still lacking ㅋㅋㅋㅋ We can never know the true self of celebrities but I'll cheer for SHINee forever. They've given me trust for so long ^^

2. [+216, -3] I also think the fans aren't worried about them dating

3. [+151, -5] SHINee fans are lucky. I really envy that they get to stan idols like SHINee. Handsome, good singers, nice, no dating news, fun ㅋㅋㅋ

4. [+103, -1] I've been a SHINee fan for 9 years and I'm not happy to see Taemin mentioned for Kai comparisons... There's nothing wrong with an adult man dating. I don't think our fandom will go crazy at Taemin or SHINee dating anyway. They've been around for a long time and they've showed enough that fans are what matter to SHINee the most.

5. [+91, -1] Honestly, I think most SHINee members are dating ㅋㅋ How can they not date with the face ㅋㅋ But I'm thankful that they don't hint it. There's no problem with dating, but the reason why fans leave their fandom after dating news isn't because of the fact that they're dating, but because of the hints and the reality that what idols showed wasn't true. None of it happened to SHINee for 9 years. Jonghyun's public relationship was already 7 years ago and Onew's rumor wasn't even true. I'm just thankful in many ways.

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