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Clarifications(?) for Twice's lightstick like SHINee's and album cover like Block B's

Pann: Twice's lightstick and SHINee

1. [+102, -5] I get that it could be problematic because idol fans are sensitive with this issue. But why do you keep criticizing us when we already said that we won't be using it? The color was different during the first album. It's also a temporary one, can't you tell from its crappy design?

2. [+95, -10] We didn't even use the lightsticks at gayo daejun during the first album, don't worry~ If it becomes a problem in the future, JYP will give a feedback or something. Twice antis are so busy these days.

3. [+86, -15] The lightstick changes with every showcase, how is this a problem? Are you trying to stir a controversy for nothing?

4. [+47, -61] Truth of Sharoaches

(Articles of Yoo Nina, Shin Se Kyung, and Naeun suffering hateful comments from Shawols)

5. [+33, -2] It's from today's showcase. It looks completely different.

6. [+25, -3] I'm a Shawol, stop this!! They say it's only for one use, let's trust them... And it'll look more blue than mint.

7. [+23, -1] It's only for one use... They used mint for the showcase because their concept is mint color. We're not even thinking of using it at a joint stage. Look at these people nitpicking everything. It won't make you bias any popular.

8. [+22, -22] Hul, this is wrong... I know that it's hard to not have an overlapping color but SHINee's official color looks the prettiest when it's for cheering SHINee... I can only think of SHINee when I see mint.


Pann: Twice's album cover isn't plagiarism

1. [+51, -2] Block B fans don't even care. People just want to cause a conflict.

2. [+39, -2] Are you people downvoting this because you have nothing to say? I saw manipulated comments pretending to be Block B and f(x) fans and other fans bashing Twice.

3. [+33, -1] BAP's Japanese album cover is also something like that. Are you gonna call it plagiarism also?

4. [+23, -0] My friend is a fan of Block B but she likes Twice. It's other fans that are doing this. Block B fans are staying calm.

5. [+16, -0] What did Block B and Twice fans do to deserve this ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Why are you making both fandoms look bad? I hope it goes back to your favorite group

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