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Choiza's lyrics about Sulli vs his ex-girlfriend

Eat, Do It, Sleep (released in Nov, 2015)

Baby we lock the door
All day we eat, do it, and sleep
Eat, do it, sleep, eat, do it, and sleep
Eat, do it, and sleep
I want to do it, pretty, deeply
Deeper than before
My lips are a brush and your body's my canvas
You're in awe over my brush work
My detailed touch is like UHD high quality
I draw a smooth line
from your shoulders to your calves
and you walk on top of the clouds
when I pass your hips
I go down deeper
and you shiver like brrrrr
Your body's a reed
that bends and shivers when I blow in your ear
The tip of my brush is now
going deep into the forest of reeds
I'm drawing a landscape now
A faster, bigger crescendo
I play you, you play me
An encore that plays all night long
We're stuck close together
so that even oxygen can't separate us
I'm a fish that swims inside
your body, the pond
With a blunt sound, my peg penetrates your body
It's so hot, your breath and mine
I'll lock the door so that no one can come in
into this room, this night
Baby we lock the door


Good Love (released when Choiza was dating Han Jina, his ex)

You spread your wings and take me out from this hell
When I’m suffering, lend me your slender shoulders
If you touch my hair with your small hands,
Even my insomnia will go away
Like a fire fighter that puts me, who is like fire, to sleep
Without you, wherever I am, it is like a grave
When we are apart, I get nervous at the fact that I’m alone
On the tightrope-like world, you are my parachute
When I want to hide somewhere, you become my attic
If we’re a tree, I am the roots, you are the flowers
For you, I will deal only with the darkness, you just need to bloom
I pray that you will always be well
I will do this forever – will you come lay in my arms?

Sit next to me (sit next to me)
Lean on me and close your eyes (my lady close your eyes)
For me, who is like a fool (you give love for me)
You promised forever (I’m glad you’re mine)
So thank you for giving me good love good love good love
Thank you – good love good love good love

You take my tightly closed heart
And so easily break the padlock
And you stole my very picky heart
You put it next to your heart
Then you trapped me in the island of love
You are the flower of flowers – more beautiful than any other
A true companion – our relationship is so deep
You are the trap of traps – holding tight to my ankle
Our love is a wall of walls that no one can look past
Sometimes we fight, sometimes we get mad
Sometimes we act colder than any other stranger like ice
But I still don’t worry about our relationship
Because we’re good over one drink, just like the beginning

Just like a kid who stepped on the pedals of a two-wheeler bike for the first time
When I was swaying from life (you held onto me)
When I obsessed over success and became a little crooked,
And I would sway from being intoxicated (you held onto me)
You are so nice – sometimes a bit too much
Sometimes, I’m such a jerk and cold hearted
But you still believe in me – my cheerleader
Until the day my breath leaves my lungs, I run for you

Some may say that I’m crazy but
If I can be with you, I want to go crazy
Some may point fingers at us but
I don’t want to lose this hand that I obtained so difficultly
You put a fire in me, who was once a dead star
I became the sun and stopped the long-time monsoon in your eyes
Like the scent of spring, in the breath of our fresh love,
I dream of forever once again


Pann: The reason why Choiza is a bad guy (lyrics on his ex)

1. [+407, -16] Choiza is such a shitty boyfriend material. Girls, Choiza is the worst kind of man. As a man, I can tell that Choiza is playing Sulli in his hands... If it's someone that I truly love, I'd stop her before she posts that kind of stuff on SNS.

2. [+320, -11] He gave love to Han Jina and what the fuck did he give to Sulli?

3. [+207, -16] If Choiza breaks up with Sulli, seriously..........

4. [+191, -0] In Eat, Do it, Sleep, I can't see any consideration for Sulli. But in Good Love, I can feel strong love from the lyrics.

5. [+162, -2] Sulli learned that she has to appeal sexually to be loved by Choiza. That's the only way Choiza reacts to her... There doesn't seem to be psychological or emotional attachment between them.

6. [+155, -1] Fucking asshole, it wouldn't have been enough even if he wrote Good Love for his young girlfriend but he wrote a porn story about her. He's the fucking worst.

7. [+141, -1] Why is he not acting like a 37-year-old? He's ruining a girl's life... This will follow Sulli for the rest of her life, how is he gonna pay back to her?

8. [+130, -3] This confirms it... Choiza's true love was Good Love in 2008... Let Sulli go, you fucking trash.

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