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Onew's bad acting in 'Descendants of the Sun'?

Pann: SHINee Onew's terrible acting

1. [+193, -150] He's on par with the kid in Late Night Restaurant

2. [+173, -91] Another terrible actor... Male version of Yoon Seung Ah

3. [+137, -187] Along with Onew, Daniel and Ri Ye Hwa are also terrible with their couple acting

4. [+105, -66] Interesting how everyone is praising Onew except Pann ㅋㅋ Do you have something against SHINee?

5. [+85, -45] Ugh... in every crying scene, I can't tell if he's crying or laughing. I can't even hear what he's saying. Instead of these emotional scenes, he should only do phone call and cute scenes. He makes me cringe so hard.

6. [+83, -8] I also don't like Song Joongki's English... He's all good except when he speaks English... I hope he stops.

7. [+63, -1] His acting aside, his character is just too weird. The concept is poorly made up. His character looks so forced and scripted.

8. [+63, -19] It was a serious scene but he made me laugh... sorry.

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