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Sulli's selcas of whipped cream in her mouth

Pann: What is Sulli doing with whipped cream in her mouth?

1. [+563, -20] She's gotten really weird

2. [+498, -26] Shielders say, "What's wrong with putting whipped cream in your mouth?" Sulli knows that she doesn't have a good image and this is obviously not a good picture. Isn't it sexually intended? If she was being careful, she wouldn't have gotten hate.

3. [+474, -19] The intention aside, if you eat whipped cream like that, it tastes like crap.

4. [+208, -5] Hyunseung and Sulli's mentality got really weird after working in the entertainment industry and getting hateful comments.

5. [+192, -0] After leaving f(x), she seems a little insane(?) Some people shield her but some also criticize her. She also posted a questionable movie poster on Instagram. She's tarnishing her own image. There's no way she's unaware of this.

6. [+184, -1] It's not like people are only sexualizing Sulli. People are going easy on her because she's Sulli. If it was some other female idol and not Sulli, they would've gotten much more hate.

7. [+169, -1] I guess this is the image she chooses to have. She was on a hiatus "because of hateful comments" and even left the group, but she still posts sexual selcas and pictorials that attract hateful comments. She also leaves messages with sexual intents. She's trying to change her image, we can't help it.

8. [+147, -3] The reactions aren't as harsh because it's Sulli. If you go on female-dominated sites, so many people are shielding her ㅋㅋㅋㅋ If Sulli's pictures of lolita, see through skirt, and other erotic photos were posted by Taeyeon, IU, or Jiyeon, they would've gotten hate to the maximum ㅋㅋㅋ

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