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[Produce 101] Lee Haein's popularity on male-dominated sites

Pann: A female trainee who's insanely popular on male-dominated sites

1. [+191, -21] Honestly, when people were shouting 'God Sejung', I shouted 'God Haein' when she pulled her tie. Haein was the girl crush for me ㅠㅠ Sejung did well too! Me Gustas Tu didn't suit her though.

2. [+183, -19] It's so true. After Irony, God Sejung was popular in the media but male-dominated sites went crazy over Lee Haein.

3. [+147, -12] I didn't think she looks like Hyuna until I saw this photo

4. [+110, -11] She's prettier than Hyuna

5. [+82, -4] I had no idea that she was a victim of evil editing. When they were choosing the center, she randomly said, "I'll be the center~" I wondered what was wrong with her. but it turned out that it was evil editing. I felt bad. She's so likeable these days.

6. [+66, -2] Usually, she's pale and innocent but when she's on the stage, her eyes and aura are really captivating... I was surprised when she pulled her tie in Irony.

7. [+59, -6] Who's spreading Lee Haein's pre-plastic surgery photos though? It must be one of her old friends. People will always be jealous ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Chaeyeon's pre-surgery photos were also spread by her close friend ㅋㅋ Women's enemy is women. This is why you need to make good friends.

8. [+48, -75] She has a stubborn personality... People around her always have to hold back. She talks without a filter.

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