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Is there an idol that you don't find talented but people hype them up?

Pann: Is there an idol that you don't find talented but people hype them up?

(Pann OP chooses Tiffany)

1. [+167, -243] BTS

2. [+133, -68] I don't understand why people praise Krystal's vocal color

3. [+125, -14] Honestly, Taetiseo is talented

4. [+85, -4] How come no one's mentioning GFriend? GFriend except Yuju

5. [+81, -6] Since when did people hype BTS up? Do you see fans mentioning Jimin or Jungkook when there's an idol vocal ranking?

6. [+73, -9] I like BTS' vocal colors though. I don't think people hype them up.

7. [+68, -23] Xiumin

8. [+60, -5] Twice. They're so-so except Jihyo and Nayeon

9. [+58, -95] BTS vocal line

10. [+57, -4] Chanyeol. His fans say he sings better than rap but he sounds good because his voice tone is low. He doesn't have a singing talent. But whenever Chanyeol sings, his fans go crazy and say he should be a vocalist ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

11. [+51, -4] Chaeyoung is a rapper but people say she can also sing. So I looked up all the videos but I didn't find her singing good.

12. [+46, -5] Xiumin. Even Suho is better than him.

13. [+42, -18] Lovelyz vocals

14. [+41, -28] No one's worse than EXO. They're so untalented.

15. [+34, -4] Bomi. I don't hate her and I watched all of Apink News and I like her mukbang. But Namjoo's vocal is much better. Bomi's high notes sound forced. My My is the best title track for me.

16. [+20, -2] Yoona ㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's funny that I have to say her name. Sometimes, Apink fans also hype up Naeun. The fans claim that those girls aren't as bad as you think ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

16. [+13, -3] I think Suzy's singing and acting are too overrated

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