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Hyunseung follows a B2ST akgae

akgae = bad, malicious of one member fan

Hyunseung followed heaven890903 and liked their photo

Comments written by heaven890903:

(to Hyunseung) "Everything aside, you have to feel comfortable. My questions were recently answered. So that was why ㅠㅠ You must've suffered hard. Don't be lonely and have loving people around you. Don't mind the fans that threaten that they'll turn their backs. There are a plenty of antis already, those that won't stay will leave. After your solo promotions, a lot of people said they found new charms that they didn't find see in Troublemaker and B2ST. Those ones saw the true self of Hyunseung. Fans with different colors will gather together. No matter how people bring down your talent, they'll recognize you later. Don't feel tired for those that cheer for you. Don't be rushed by time. Take one step at a time. Focus on the reality for now and let's do it coolly. You have fans who'll always cheer for you for every decision you make. Don't worry.

How can they not know? They announced his absence right before the day. The members were prepared to perform without Hyunseung. Before, even when they announced an absence beforehand, they played MR and left the absent member's spot. But this time, the members sang Hyunseung's parts and danced his part. They prepared it beforehand. They only posted "due to personal reasons" in case fans would cancel their tickets. He wasn't even in the promotional video, so it was all prepared beforehand. Cube didn't send him. Hyunseung still gets all the hate with his Japanese fanmeet incident. The reason why they announced his absence on the day of the Japanese fanmeet last year was because they didn't want fans to cancel their tickets since it's expensive. Cube must've thought the members could fill his spot. I've experienced this before and I was upset with Cube for not announcing beforehand. Can you really trust the company? Aren't there numerous celebrities that got ruined due to shitty companies? I don't know if they'll renew their contracts or not but it's true that Hyunseung is unstable. The antis who claim to be fans are doing all the actions. "Clarify on Instagram"? Do you think this situation is the same as giving feedback to fans for small issues? Now he has to be absent at concerts if his company tells him to. If he won't renew his contract, then they'll have to start performing without Hyunseung beforehand. With Hyunseung's random absents, people will pity the suffering members. You guys just bombarded Hyunseung's Instagram and criticized him for making other members suffer. Why are you covering your eyes when the whole picture is clear? Contract renewal is not the business of fans or a member Hyunseung. It's the business between the company and Hyunseung. Fans can't say anything about it. We don't know what kind of problems they have. On the surface, the company does look hopeless and greedy for money. And to those that are demanding him to leave when his contract is not even over yet: will you pay the penalty for him then?

When his schedule was packed with individual promotions, he still went to most of his group promotions. Look how he was skinny he was during Troublemaker promotions. There's a reason if things are going wrong and it's the company's responsibility to announce his absence. We don't know what's going on so fans should stay more quiet.


Pann: Hyunseung followed a B2ST akgae

1. [+176, -56] Upvote if you hate Hyunseung

2. [+106, -25] I really want Hyunseung and his akgae bitches to leave. Does Cube not expel their artists? Other companies expel problematic artists with no mercy, Cube needs to learn. And since he became controversial with his attitude, he kept updating his Instagram and was absent at B2ST promotions. But why did he start promoting again? Not promoting is how he can help. His name alone makes me stressed and mad. B2ST gallery turned their backs on Hyunseung since long ago and most B2uties on B2ST's biggest fansite also did. Go read their comments if you're curious.

3. [+94, -45] Whatever~ He'll flop soon, or did he already? All fans are turning their backs ㅋㅋ

4. [+58, -4] He's tarnishing B2ST's name... Why is he the only one acting like this when the 6 members had to work hard to debut? I really don't understand. I heard that they're renewing their contracts this year, I hope he doesn't. The other 5 members are nice and hard-working, they'll do well.

5. [+30, -2] Just leave. You're still questioning what wrongdoing you've done. Your attitude since 2012 til present was your wrongdoing. If the popularity of Troublemaker was yours, do you think your solo would've flopped still? Most people don't even know that you had a solo album. Troublemaker = Hyuna. You're nothing but a dancer beside Hyuna. Wake up. You're a nobody without B2ST. GD's name alone is a brand but he's not arrogant on TV unlike you.

6. [+29, -2] If you're acting like an elementary schooler and is saying "6-1=0, no B2ST without Hyunseung", you should consider the tarnished image of B2ST that other members had to work hard for 7 years. I want Hyunseung to leave because I hate seeing other members struggle. If he wants to cause trouble, then he should do it alone, not affecting other hard-working members. It hurts me to think of other members.

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