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Choa's breast pads

Pann: Choa is really flat

1. [+154, -76] She also has short legs

2. [+113, -39] Padded Choa on stage

3. [+102, -40] Clueless people will still like her padded body. Ignorance is a bless!

4. [+74, -9] All AOA members wear pads. Seolhyun's body is an enough scam.

5. [+73, -7] Why do you bash Choa for her pads? She can sing and she's nice and pretty. Does a singer sing with breasts and body? Her breasts could be her complex. So wearing eye makeup is also something to criticize? She wants to look pretty or her coordi tells her to wear it. It's not like she media-plays with her breasts and body. I don't understand why she needs to be bashed for this.

6. [+60, -23] The difference is too big, just how big are her pads?

7. [+54, -11] It's a fact. AOA as a whole wears too much padding. Don't they feel guilty to be fooling people like that?

8. [+48, -7] You do realize that this is sexual harassment? ㅋㅋ Hope you get sued

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