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AOA's debut story of '7 Angels'

The angels liked to see the world through the glass bead and listen to their music.

Brain among the angels - Seolhyunari

Who loves to dance - ChanmiTT

Who loves to play the glasses filled with water - Yunaria

Lute player and the leader of 7 angels - Jiminel

Who is the most beautiful among the angels - Hyejeong.Linus

Who plays the harp all the time - Minaring

The one with an angelic voice - Choaya

Half-angel & half-human - Y

One day, Y opened the gate to the world with a key she had. The curious angels followed along...


Pann: AOA's dark past

1. [+162, -2] ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Their debut concept is like EXO

2. [+87, -2] Hyejeong was the visual?

3. [+54, -2] Why am I getting embarrassed ㅋㅋㅋㅋ But their current songs are catchy, they're pretty, and they have a better concept.

4. [+24, -0] People ignore Chanmi these days but you should watch their early stages. You can only notice Chanmi, she was the prettiest.

5. [+16, -0] It reminded me of EXO

6. [+14, -0] EXO's debut concept was 12 powers taking care of the tree of life. The world is divided into two. They're the same ground but they face different skies... And the traitors ruined the concept.

7. [+14, -0] So freaking cringe-worthy

8. [+13, -1] The Y member is a middle school math teacher. She said she's having a comeback soon!

9. [+11, -1] I liked Moya though. Maybe it's just me.

10. [+11, -2] Wow, Choa's short hair was god's work. I like Choa~

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