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The eras when it was easy to stan these boy groups

B2ST - Breath & Beautiful
Block B - Very Good
BAP - One Shot & 1004
BTOB - Beep Beep & Don't Cry
VIXX - Ready to Get Hurt & Voodoo Doll
EXO - Wolf
BTS - Boy in Luv & Just One Day
Winner - Winner TV & Don't Flirt
Infinite - Chaser
Teen Top - Miss Right & To You
B1A4 - Tried To Walk & Lonely
Boyfriend - Boyfriend & Janus


Pann: The eras when it was easy to stan these boy groups

1. [+188, -7] I've stanned them before coming to Pann. After coming to Pann, my mentality got much stronger.

2. [+171, -9] Inspirits never had it easy ㅠㅠ At first, Infinite got hate for their visuals. After getting popular, us fans were called rude. These days, people talk about how Infinite is not doing well anymore. They're still doing well though...

3. [+161, -8] I think it was perfect to stan during Paradise and Man in Love. Before the era, there were too many rude fans. These days, other fandoms are targeting us too much.

4. [+46, -9] I've been a fan of EXO since the teasers were out and EXO-Ls didn't really have a peaceful era. During debut days, EXO was called the first SM group to flop. Besides, EXO was barely known but they already had so many sasaengs and rude fans. The fandom was a disaster. Since Overdose, the traitors withdrew, had dating news, and people say that EXO is on a downfall. We get called on everyday. It's hard to stan them.

5. [+21, -4] During debut, we were called a recycled group. Shock did well and the fandom expanded with Fiction. There were a lot of rude fans and we had to apologize all the time. During Fiction and Beautiful Night, Junhyung was called a copycat of GD and it followed him for 2~3 years. Non-fans criticized him hard and he had to change his rap style and even his personalities. Troublemaker promotions brought so many sexual insults and even pregnancy rumors. During Shadow, Hong CEO got sick and Mr.Park became the CEO. He never promoted the group, so the results started doing bad. We were called a flop. Good Luck and 12:30 did well but YeY was promoted for 3 weeks only with stupid outfits. It didn't do well and we're still said to be on a downfall. We missed the year-end stage for the first time and have been busy with Japanese promotions. Fans and the public were our enemies during debut, but the company is our current enemy. B2ST had a dynamic life.

6. [+21, -4] I'm an Army but I agree. It was perfect during Boy in Luv and Just One Day. You could barely see any rude fans and the members were always likeable. It was so easy to stan them.

7. [+20, -1] BTS was nice to stan until NO... Since Boy in Luv, they started getting rude fans. They seemed to have left during Danger, but I Need U made it much worse.

8. [+20, -2] I think B1A4 was good to stan before Lonely. They got into nonsense rumors during Lonely ㅠㅠ

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