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Sunggyu's story on Kyuhyun resurfaces after Kyuhyun's controversy

Sunggyu: "We shared a room when we were at overseas for a shoot. When there was a break, I went to my room to sleep. Kyuhyun asked me to leave because he needed to talk on the phone. He talked as if I was in his room."

Kim Gura: "When you share a room with someone and you want to make a phone call, you're the one that should leave. The reason why you get hate is because your real personalities suddenly appear like this."


Pann: Kyuhyun looks down on Infinite Sunggyu

1. [+197, -16] Sunggyu must've been upset... Sunggyu says what he wants on variety shows, but he doesn't come off as unlikeable.

2. [+187, -6] That's seriously not a good manner. It's like you're hanging out with friends in a room, and you're telling your friends to leave so that you can make a phone call. If you want to have a personal phone call, you're the one that should leave. What's with him? ㅋㅋ

3. [+173, -23] Do you guys know about Kyuhyun and Yang Se Hyung incident? Yang Se Hyung hosted Kyuhyun's friend's wedding. He felt awkward to be paid from a hoobae, so he got on his care to leave. At the same time, Kyuhyun was withdrawing money. So Kyuhyun gave him a few bills of $50 without even an envelop. There were even non-celebrities beside them. Yang Se Hyung was upset to be paid like that. So he asked Kyuhyun to buy drinks after that but he still hasn't done it yet. Kyuhyun attacked back with "I also had a strong impression on you on that day. The wedding was at 5 but you looked drunk and messy and you were almost late. My friend was like, "What's wrong with that hyung? This is my very first wedding."" Yang Se Hyung then said, "At the end, you're making me a trash." I don't even know why Kyuhyun mentioned what his friend said. He's throwing his friend under the bus. Besides, Yang Se Hyung looked completely polished and fine at the wedding. What lies! ㅋㅋ

4. [+84, -3] I'm an Infinite fan and I was upset when I was watching it. It was a room for 3 people and Sunggyu could've wanted to sleep before Kyuhyun because he snores. And shouldn't the caller leave the room? I hope people don't view Sunggyu negatively, he's not always blunt on broadcast.

5. [+67, -6] I didn't expect Kyuhyun to have such bad personalities. This shouldn't be forgotten. He needs to be scolded hugely to wake up, tsk tsk.

6. [+67, -4] Wait, that kid is currently seriously controversial because of Yang Se Hyung incident.

7. [+62, -1] He should've let it go when Yang Se Hyung said his story... Why didn't he realize that talking back will make him more disadvantaged?

8. [+59, -2] Kyuhyun is becoming more and more unlikeable. I don't know if it's his image on Radio Star but he looks so arrogant, I hate it.

9. [+57, -3] Those with bad personalities will be exposed soon or later, no matter what.

10. [+56, -1] I watched Fluttering India. When Sunggyu said a funny joke, everybody laughed but Kyuhyun looked unhappy.

11. [+55, -5] Kyuhyun said to Hara, "Hara's celebrity life will be over if I open my mouth."  on Radio Star. Hara cried and threw a water bottle, which made her a crazy bitch. I thought he was being rude in the situation. It's not like his celebrity career was short and he know how dating news affects a celebrity. But he still came up with an irresponsible statement ㅋㅋㅋ Hara wasn't smart with the action but I also would've been mad if I were her. I thought he had good personalities but I was wrong.

12. [+45, -3] I don't hate celebrities who lose their rookie mindset. I hate celebrities who become dirty after getting popular. Watching Kyuhyun made me tsk yesterday. A guest talks about Kyuhyun's fault and Kyuhyun fires back at him right away ㅋㅋ He looked so diry. Kim Je Dong also used to be like this in the past.

13. [+27, -1] His personalities got exposed to the bottom ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Bad personalities, bad social skills... Don't shield him just because he's a celebrity. He's turning 30 soon and he's been in the industry for 10 years.

14. [+27, -1] Kim Gura's prophecy gives me goosebumps. "The reason why you get hate is because your real personalities suddenly appear like this." He must've known how Kyuhyun is usually.

15. [+26, -1] How cleaner does the host have to look? Isn't this clean enough? I think he was just looking down on Yang Se Hyung

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