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[Produce 101] Jellyfish trio + Sejung the next Taeyeon?

Pann: Jellyfish picks good kids (Produce 101)

1. [+273, -8] Honestly, I want the three of them to debut separately. They're the best ones.

2. [+155, -21] Mina will be a stan attractor if she loses weight

3. [+131, -9] I've never liked girls so much before. If they debut, they'll be the first group that I stan...

4. [+56, -2] Kim Nayoung was so pretty yesterday. Kyah.

5. [+55, -2] Can't Jellyfish debut them separately instead of on Produce 101? Jellyfish kids don't have personality controversies. They're also talented, just look at Boss Park Hyo Shin, Si Kyung-nim, Inguk-nim, and VIXX...

6. [+52, -2] Isn't it time for Jellyfish to debut a girl group? Usually, a successful boy group is followed by a girl group debut.

Pann: Finally a female idol at Taeyeon's level?

(Pann praises Sejung's visual & talent)

1. [+137, -38] It's too early to compare her to Taeyeon. But Sejung is still a trainee so if she debuts and works hard, she could be Taeyeon's level ㅠㅠ It's an honor that she's compared to Taeyeon.

2. [+122, -32] She won't be as big as Taeyeon but I think she'll be a perfect idol after Taeyeon.

3. [+106, -41] Kim Sejung looks so bright and pretty. She also has a good personality and she can sing...

4. [+76, -76] She's better than Taeyeon, she has a good personality ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+59, -5] Do you think it's easy to have an idol at Taeyeon's level? It's not just about one's talent. The company has to promote you amazing well, and on top of that, you need huge luck.

6. [+56, -12] What ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Not Taeyeon's level, but she'll be a top among those trainees.

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