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Going to a gynecologist + Song Mino reference

Pann: I went to a gynecologist ㅠㅠ

(Pann OP shares that it was embarrassing to get checked by a male gynecologist with the position above)

1. [+820, -127] Yet Mino from a victorious group writes lyrics about it... ugh

2. [+359, -7] If the gynecologist is a woman, it feels less embarrassing. Try to visit a female gynecologist next time!

3. [+247, -39] Hul, do you really have to sit like that while being naked? Crazy.

4. [+146, -10] I want there to be only female gynecologists because gynecology is for women. I know people will mention sexism and stuff but it's just too embarrassing.

5. [+118, -31] Spread your legs, Winner fans~

6. [+100, -50] A lot of people miss the right timing to get treated because of this perspective that going to a gynecologist is embarrassing. It's just one of the processes for the treatment. Men also have to take off their pants and underwear at a urologist. Don't call it embarrassing and make others feel embarrassed also. They have to ask if you're sexually active because it might've affected the illness. If you're a virgin, the examination is much simpler. That's why they ask about it.

7. [+97, -2] I'm a nurse of gynecology. The reason why we ask if you're sexually active is to decide whether to do ultrasound in your vagina or anus. It's also to check if you were exposed to a cervical cancer or STD. Female and male gynecologists are all skilled and us nurses also try our best to treat our patients well. Going to a gynecologist for the first time can be very flustering and scary, but it's a place where women shouldn't feel intimidated to come. Don't worry to much, just come in ^^

8. [+81, -5] This is why Song Mino is disgusting. He shouldn't even be on TV.

9. [+69, -2] I really really don't want to go to a gynecologist and a proctologist ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

10. [+66, -4] If having female gynecologists only is sexist, then we can also have male urologists only. It won't be as embarrassing, I hope it happens.

11. [+63, -4] "Spread your legs like you're at a gynecologist" still gets shielded?

12. [+54, -6] This is why I only go to female gynecologists

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