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Types of looks you dislike in men?

Pann: Types of looks you dislike?

1. [+327, -16] I don't like skinny and tiny men even if they're handsome

2. [+270, -64] Those with bad eyes... It's like their eyes are full of darkness. For celebrities, it's Oh Young Gon in Cheese in the Trap. I don't know if it's his eye eye makeup though. Park Hae Jin also has sleazy eyes, which I dislike.

3. [+214, -9] I avoid those with dark and sleazy eyes, whether it's a guy or a girl. I also find it likeable when someone has straight teeth.

4. [+161, -2] Feminine guys... On Ulzzang Shidae, there was a guy who got a lot of plastic surgery, wore pale makeup, eyeliner, colored contact lenses, and posted his selcas everyday.

5. [+160, -30] Pale and babyish guys like Park Bogum and Song Joongki. They must look handsome in real life but they're not my type.

6. [+142, -0] I don't find obese people attractive

7. [+132, -1] I really hate faces like these

8. [+132, -1] Male ulzzangs and Facebook stars. They look cringe-worthy.

9. [+130, -9] Skinny, cheap-looking, and tryhard-looking guys... I just hate G-Dragon and Jung Joon Young.

10. [+125, -1] Guys whose legs are as skinny as SNSD's

11. [+118, -1] San E and Black Nut type

12. [+117, -4] Lee Minho's face is not my type... Thick double eyelids and a greasy face.

13. [+115, -9] Guys with long hair... I really hate it.

14. [+99, -3] Guys who are pale and more skinny than women

15. [+87, -38] BTS Rap Monster. Fans say he's handsome but I don't find him handsome at all. His eyes give scary and wicked vibes. His lips are bluish like a snake and they're sticking out. I know he studied hard but his impression by looks is really unlikeable.

16. [+85, -1] Guys who wear thick glasses with bowl haircut. I hate it even more if his bowl hair is full. I don't find them attractive.

17. [+81, -13] VIXX Leo's looks... Too greasy

18. [+66, -3] There's a certain type of eyes that I seriously hate. It's like those eyes can see through me and laugh at me. For celebrities, it's Go Kyung Pyo...

19. [+41, -7] EXO Baekhyun's type. He looks too innocent and weak, I don't find him charming as a guy.

20. [+34, -9] EXO DO's looks. He's short and his face looks like a kid. He's like a elementary school kid, I'd be so embarrassed to walk with him ㅠㅠ

21. [+32, -9] Infinite Sungyeol and BTS J.Hope... I don't know what type they are and they're objectively handsome, but I don't find their looks attractive.

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