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Taeyeon says she doesn't want to pass on her voice to her children

What Taeyeon wants to pass on to her children: Her pale skin
What Taeyeon doesn't want to pass on to her children: Her voice because she doesn't want them to become a singer and struggle like her


Pann: Did you know these statements of Taeyeon?

1. [+733, -307] She got plastic surgery, she achieved her dream, and she earned a ton of money. Why does she always express her struggles? It's not related to this post but she's always showing that she's having a hard time.

2. [+719, -288] Real singers like Park Jung Hyun and Gummy will laugh at this ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+186, -9]
Kang Ho Dong: "How do you deal with hateful comments and rumors?"
Go Hyun Jung: "If you don't want to get soaked by rain, you shouldn't step out of your house. Even if you use an umbrella, the tip of your clothes will still get wet. To put it in words, I'm at the 'market' as a 'product'. Isn't it obvious that people would say, "I like/hate this product. I don't like the color of it."? If you're going to get sad and struggle because of those words, you should think more before stepping into the market."

4. [+149, -9] Taeyeon's annual income is 900 million won

5. [+133, -38] Ugh, she's talking high and mighty... If she's that struggling, then she should just quit.

6. [+100, -2] Honestly, I know that hateful comments are hard to take, but I envy her. She's driving a Benz at a young age and travels overseas for photo shoots. Others work their butt off and are still unemployed but she's earning millions at a young age. It must be a result of her hard work but is there a celebrity who doesn't hate hateful comments? Even Yoo Jae Suk gets them.

7. [+100, -53] She must've struggled hard. She's even saying that she doesn't want to pass on her biggest advantage...

8. [+94, -16] ㅋㅋ I find these statements the funniest. Why are they acting pitiful when they got everything as celebrities? They still don't realize that bigger popularity means more antis and less privacy?

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