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McDonald's vs Lotteria

Pann: McDonald's vs Lotteria

1. [+252, -23] Mom's Touch

2. [+186, -10] McDonald's. I work at McDonald's and there's a Lotteria store nearby. When Lotteria closes, the workers come to McDonald's and eat our hamburgers.

3. [+139, -8] McDonald's

4. [+50, -1] Lotteria tastes so cheap. I won't even eat it for free.

5. [+48, -2] Burger King for me

6. [+37, -0] Why is Lotteria everywhere!!! I envy the neighbors that have Burger King.

7. [+32, -5] McDonald's for sure. I used to work at McDonald's and they're super clean. You must wear sanitary gloves and we change the gloves for like 100 times a day. If a patty falls, we throw it out right away. I've never seen a store that throws away patties easily like this. If a burger or a patty is left for more than 15 minutes, they're also all thrown out. It's worth the price. I know two people that work at Lotteria and they say they never eat at Lotteria because it's dirty. Lotteria has a lot of self-owners so they don't care if they drop bread on the floor. They also told me not to go there.

8. [+30, -0] I never judge foods but Lotteria's vegetables are about to be rotten and their ingredients are so poor. But McDonald's isn't like that. My conclusion is, we should go to Burger King.

9. [+17, -7] I like Lotteria's sauces though

10. [+7, -1] I don't like McDonald's because their ingredients are too big, like a huge chunk of tomato.

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