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Taeyeon's remarkable career as an idol

1) Biggest public popularity in 2008~2009
2) Most popular SNSD member
3) Has the biggest fandom from female idols
4) Radio DJ daebak
5) Solo OST daebak
6) Solo album daebak
7) Subunit Taetiseo daebak
8) Lead vocal
9) Top 2 visual in the group
10) Top singing
11) Dated a popular boy group member


Instiz: Girl group member who hit her peak in every way possible

- Her solo concert is also daebak

- It's hard to have another female idol like her

- It's so interesting how she has equal ratios of male and female fans

- She was born to be a celebrity

- She mastered her idol job ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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