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Send a text to yourself 5 years ago

You can't hold your poop on October 12, 2012

It doesn't look cool to write lyrics on Facebook status!!! (lottery winning numbers)

It's OK. Hesitation is a step to make a decision.

It's OK to walk out of the wedding!

Don't go to a women's university!!!!

Do not let your wife and kids ride on the taxi

In 2 years, there will be a fire report at a green house at 3AM. It will not look like there are people but check again. There will be a young girl hiding under the bed.

Hey your girlfriend is cheating on you!!

Make Angry Bird!

Acting 4-D is not cute. Stop trying to act like you're random!!

In 6 days, you'll be kissing a brown-haired girl. She's the girl that you'll marry in the future. (I hope so, because it's our 5th anniversary soon and I'm going to propose her!)


Pann: If you can send a text to yourself 5 years ago?

1. [+262, -0] The text about taxi sounds sad. There must've been an accident ㅠㅠ

2. [+218, -56] "Do not vote for the female president"

3. [+127, -0] Hul, "there will be a young girl hiding under the bed"... so sad

4. [+93, -0] "January 3, 2014, midnight. Your dad doesn't have an upset stomach. Call an ambulance."

5. [+81, -0] I suddenly wonder what I will want to text myself in 5 years

6. [+74, -0] I'm going to text the lottery numbers. Trashy boyfriend, trashy job, and these things are not that big. They actually helped me to grow as a mature person. I'd rather get money by winning a lottery.

7. [+63, -0] "Stop fucking eating because you'll regret it ^^"

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