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Idol companies that don't do their job properly

They did a good job this year and got praised

They don't know how to promote the artists. They don't know the right timing.

No feedbacks - it's like there are no workers in the company.

Their manager hit a group that's currently rising.

Whereabouts of After School is unknown

Also no workers




Instiz: Idol companies that don't do their job properly

- Where's FNC?

- Can JYP promote the artists? Do they think releasing an album is everything? ㅠㅠ

- I don't know why TS is not here

- I think YG is a pervert because they love getting hate

- SM is all good but I want them to recruit more fans to the fanclubs. And what about f(x)!!!

- Cube... I want to destroy every single blue cube in the world

- MBK is also a wall

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