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Blind item of a popular female singer dating 3 guys at once

From the magazine 'Woman Sense'

Female singer A became a top singer after a long period of being unknown. She's known to have many charms. She's called a talented singer with 4-D, honest, and confident personalities.

She recently revealed that she's dating B. At many events, she didn't hesitate to show her love towards B. She also talked about B to her long-term fans. According to the people who witnessed A and B going on dates, they take care of each other a lot and is a perfect couple.

An insider said, "unlike B's cold image, he actually has a lot of aegyo. I've known him for a long time and he's the type of person who all-ins when he's in love. A is the priority for him and he listens to her all the time. A also melts B down with her aegyo. They're lovely."

A and B have a beautiful relationship that makes everyone jealous. But the truth behind is that A is also dating C who recently became a trend.

C can sing and compose songs. Unlike his charismatic looks, he has a sweet voice and good fashion sense. He got known for his great composing skills and many singers started to cover his songs. His songs charted high and he became a big trend.

C and A's first meeting was a year ago. C joined an unofficial social group of singers and met A who was an original member of the group. They were dongsaeng-oppa at first, but their relationship developed after A's attempts. A invited C to her place and met up with him for the excuse of music. They ended up crossing the line.

A close friend of C said, "C was very shocked when A and B's relationship was revealed. A was a girlfriend of C but she revealed that she was dating B. I don't know how long she's been two-timing but as far as I know, A was C's girlfriend."

What's shocking is that A released a self-composed song, but it was actually composed by C. A had to release a track soon and C gave her the song as a gift without any conditions. A released the song as if it was completely produced by her own.

A did not stop her two-timing. She also approached a hallyu idol D and got caught trying to seduce him. She had always said, "I'm going to make D my man." She found out his number through her connections and approached carefully. A and D's places were only 8km away, 20 minutes by car. D's place is a complex apartment with strict security and a view of Han River. A visited his place often with the excuse of driving. Their secret meetings were caught by people who saw A entering D's place.

A has a big fandom of male fans and A's free-spirited relationships are more than shocking. Fortunately or unfortunately, her official boyfriend B doesn't seem to know any of these. Or he's pretending not to know so that he can continue to date her.


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- So how many female singers are 'top singers'?

- Unknown for a long time, self-composed song, 4-D image, and a female singer? I can't think of one...

- IU doesn't have driver's license though

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