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Top 9 idols with the most Instagram followers

9) 2NE1 Sandara Park

8) Super Junior Donghae

7) EXO Lay

Wu Yifan

6) Bigbang Taeyang


5) EXO Baekhyun

4) EXO Sehun

3) EXO Chanyeol

2) SNSD Taeyeon

1) Bigbang G-Dragon


Pann: Top 9 idols with the most Instagram followers

1. [+326, -48] Taeyeon is between male idols...

2. [+307, -16] EXO and Bigbang are amazing, they have a lot of international fans

3. [+178, -438] Of course, weak groups Infinite and B2ST aren't there ㅋ

4. [+81, -8] Top boy group and girl group are Bigbang and SNSD. Top solos are GD and Taeyeon.

5. [+76, -6] Look how the comments randomly mention B2ST and Infinite ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

6. [+75, -13] The reality of Taeyeon who gets hate on Pann

7. [+65, -17] I'm on Instagram a lot and EXO followers have such great loyalty ㅋㅋ I think the numbers of likes are one of the top in the world... GD has 1M more followers than Chanyeol but Chanyeol has much more likes ㅋㅋ So interesting.

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