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The brands people in their 20's prefer the most in 2015

Online book site - YES24
English language academy - YBM language academy
Chinese language academy - Moon Jung Ah Chinese

Broadcast channel - tvN
Variety show - Infinity Challenge
Cooking show - Take Care of the Fridge
Music festival - Youth Festival
Sports festival - Nike We Run Seoul

Food & Drinks:
Food combo at convenience store - Buldak Bokkeum Myun & Samgak Kimbap
Hangover drink - Condition
Milk - Bingre banana milk
Fruit soju - Grapefruit Dew
Beer brand - Cass
Chicken brand - Nene chicken
Kimbap brand - Kimbap Heaven
Fast food brand - McDonald's
Cafe brand - Ediya Coffee

Daily Life:
Convenience store - CU
Online shopping site - Coupang
Duty free - Lotte Duty Free
Low Cost Airline - Jeju Air
Electronic payment system - KakaoPay
Car brand - Hyundai
Laptop brand - Samsung
Extra battery brand - Xiaomi
Condom brand - Durex
Female sanitary brand - Good Feeling

Beauty & Fashion:
Road shop makeup brand - Innisfree
Hair salon brand - Park Seung Chul Hair Studio
Female accessory brand - O.S.T
Female underwear brand - Yes
Male suit brand - Ziozia


Instiz: The brands people in their 20's prefer the most in 2015

- Buldak and samgak kimbap for tomorrow's lunch!

- Con...dom... ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

- I demand tvN to give us The Genius 5!

- Agree with Coupang and Innisfree ㅋㅋ

- GS for convenience store. I don't go to CU anymore.

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