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Kim Yuna's dancing

Pann: Kim Yuna's great body and her sexy waves

1. [+101, -0] She flies on ice rink. That kind of dance shouldn't be hard for her.

2. [+61, -0] She still looks pretty and sexy when she does sad acting. Yuna is always fabulous.

3. [+53, -0] Yuna is always fabulous...

4. [+36, -0] The reason why Kim Yuna's figure skating was outstandingly beautiful was because her details are pretty. Her techniques are perfect but her jumps, hand gestures, and movements are very soft, it makes her dancing look prettier. If you compare her to other players, the difference is even more clear. Some players are good at figure skating and jumping, but they have stiff bodies so they look less pretty than Kim Yuna.

5. [+25, -0] Beautiful ㅠㅠ God Yuna

6. [+20, -0] So pretty

7. [+20, -0] Of course, our God Yuna

8. [+16, -0] She's perfect on a slippery ice rink with skate shoes. Of course dancing on a floor is easy for her~

9. [+13, -0] I feel bad whenever I see God Yuna because comparing to the amount of time and work she had invested, her golden days were too short... I know that those times are previous to Kim Yuna but it's a pity because Yuna on ice rink is gone too quickly... Aging and not being able to keep your job is such a sad thing, although she's still in her early 20's.

10. [+13, -1] It's seriously boring to watch other players. Since Kim Yuna retired, I've never watched figure skating anymore.

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