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Police says they're investigating idols and rappers for drug use

On the 21, the police said, "Up until October, we used to go after the sellers mostly. But now, we're going to focus on the takers. People that are active in foreign communities like international students and gyopos are the center of the investigation."

There has been investigations into hip-hop artists and people on a popular rap battle show. The ones caught in investigations include: 
A (rapper of a popular idol group)
B (company CEO & also a rapper, on a popular rap battle show)
C (rapper, got a good result on season 3 of the same show)

Police reps say, "Drugs are spreading fast at popular clubs in Gangnam, Hongdae, and Itaewon. We're going to use the maximum units of police to catch the roots of the drug connections."


Instiz: [Exclusive] Endless drug scandals involving a popular idol rappers

- Show Me The Money? The ones on Show Me The Money?

- B reminds me of Swings

- Person who is a company CEO and rapper and was on Show Me The Money, it's so obvious

- A has too many possibilities, there are so many idol rappers out there

- Rap battle survival is only Show Me The Money, isn't it?
-- Unpretty Rapstar doesn't have season 3, so...

- Palo Alto? San E? I get reminded of a lot of rappers

- Rap battle show, season 3. Gave it away.

- Not EXO then

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