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New blind items

1) Actress A is getting disliked for her star disease. A debuted with a shocking movie a few years ago and gained attention. She has plain looks and a plain body for an actress, but she thinks she's a top star of Hollywood. A recently filmed a movie on an island with a big sunbae who is a senior. A said she "did not want to stay at a place like a motel" and demanded them to rent a house with two floors. She whined hard on the spot and the production team ended up renting a house that costs $6,000 per month. In the past, her company had to beg A to renew her contract, but now, the money they spend on A's demands exceed the money A earns. The company CEO is even going around and borrowing money to take care of A. A is still using the company's credit card to buy a brand new phone and other stuff for herself.

2) Athletes B and C are a main comparison of CF industry for their completely opposite attitudes. B became a CF queen after numerous CFs. B is also praised as a 'loyal girl' by the industry. B is silently staying loyal to an accessory brand that she's been a model for a very long time. At every big and small event she attends, she wears the brand's accessories. Usually, top stars tend to not care much about domestic brands that they're modelling for. When they attend international events or awards, they ignore the domestic brands and wear expensive foreign brands instead. However, B's loyalty is different and the industry is praising her endlessly. Meanwhile, C is controversial for her opposite attitude. C is also an athlete and she doesn't promote her accessory brand at all. The industry and insiders say "C is not good enough to be a model" and criticize her.

3) Popular male idol A is controversial for his disturbance at a wedding. A recently sang at a wedding of his long-term hair and makeup stylist. A was the only member of his group who attended the wedding and he volunteered to sing. However, instead of a casual love song, A sang his hit song that was released a few years ago. The song was banned on broadcast and had R-rated lyrics. A's song ruined the atmosphere of the wedding and the elders showed discomfort. An insider says, "it was nice of A to attend and sing at her wedding, but he should've had nice thoughts, too..." (I recently posted this one)

4) Female idol E who was rumored to have a top star disease has suddenly changed. She's a girl group member and her solo activities helped to promote her group. E was the 'breadwinner' of her group. E caught a top star disease and made other people around her suffer. After E starred in a drama and a movie, she became extremely arrogant and acted like the only top star in the world. E even told her manager, "I can't sing or dance, so I'm going to quit my singing activities and focus on acting." and stopped contacting her group members. E blocked the manager and members on a messenger. She also unfriended them on SNS and caused suspicions. It's revealed that at her last group promotion, she never talked to the members even in the car. E's behavior caused her to be in articles and blind items, bringing a lot of criticisms. Since then, she suddenly changed her attitude. E messaged her manager on a messenger that she blocked him on and acted kind to her members when she never even talked to them before. E's manager sighs and says, "it's so scary how she changed in a day and is acting kind. It's a pity that a young girl is already learning to how to be two-faced."

5) Actor M's 'drunken acting' is controversial. According to the insiders, M recently got cast in a drama and he found that the drama is produced by his company. He's using this as his power. M doesn't practice acting and is having drinking parties with rookie actors everyday. M even acted rude to a sunbae actress J. M said to J, "noona, your dongsaeng is also older than me, right? Just how old are you?" An insider who was at the spot says, "he can be out in any moment. He should focus on acting with a clean mind when he still has the chance."

6) Female rapper O got attention for her 'fierce unnie' character on an audition show. O recently beat up her manager who was at her house to pick her up and also caused many minor accidents. Her company even said to the workers, "reject all the event offers O gets." O's company staff says, "I thought it her her image only. I didn't expect her real personalities to be like that. She's a total trash."

7) Male entertainer H is on a very popular parenting show. H received sponsored products from many brands and is called the 'icon of sponsor'. The problem is that H is offering his sponsored products to other families and making them uncomfortable. When H films the show with other families, he offers the sponsored products to them. But the families also have their own sponsored products, so they can't accept H, and it's also hard to reject him. Another entertainer T who is on a same show with H strongly dislikes his attitude. He said to the PD, "when filming, don't associate me to H."


Pann: New blind items

1. [+78, -2] The loyal girl B is Kim Yuna. She's been a model of J.Estina for 6 years. C is a model of LG phones but she's using an iPhone. She wore Adidas and Nike when she was a model of Fila.

2. [+70, -0] The loyal girl is Kim Yuna and the trash is Son Yeon Jae.

3. [+54, -7]

1. Kim Goeun
2. Kim Yuna & Son Yeon Jae
3. Seungri
4. Dohee (Reply)
5. Lee Jung Shin
6. Jessie
7. Lee Hwee Jae

4. [+49, -0] The wedding song is Strong Baby. It reminds me of what Gummy said on Radio Star. At her birthday party, she had already paid for everything. But Seungri changed the drink and also ordered champagne. He left in the middle of the party without a word.

5. [+40, -0] Son Yeon Jae is seriously dislikeable

6. [+40, -3] I heard that Kim Goeun is nice though? But she debuted with Eun Gyo and she's filming a new movie on Jeju Island with Yoon Yeo Jung... Senior sunbae and island...

7. [+35, -3] Jessie's blind item is not true

8. [+32, -0] Lee Hwee Jae's image became better with Superman but his true self isn't going anywhere, tsk tsk

9. [+25, -0] The female idol could be Sunhwa...

10. [+22, -1] A only reminds me of Eun Gyo. "Shocking movie"...

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