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Evidences of Mnet manipulating Bigbang votes + disadvantaging EXO on MAMA

The votes of Bigbang suddenly increased. EXO-Ls filed inquiries to Mnet and the votes decreased on the 12th. On the 13th, it again increased by a big amount.

10th - 67, 507
11th - 69,870
12th - 37,982
13th - 140,909
14th - 64.010

When you're voting in China, EXO is the only group that requires a 7-digit code to vote. The pictures above are Chinese EXO-L's proofs.

Chinese EXO-L fandoms of all EXO members are planning to take a strong action if 2015 MAMA proceeds without a proper outcome.

Mnet's reponse:

"Here is the answer for your inquiry. Hello, we're Mwave. You think that 1000 votes in one minute are a lot. But the whole world is voting for this and there are more than a million votes per day. 1000 votes in one minute is not a lot. Also, Bigbang is a big group and they have a big fandom. If they vote together at a similar time, it's possible. Thank you."


Pann: Mnet's unfair voting

1. [+496, -21] Are they manipulating because they don't want to give the award to EXO? Chinese fans must be so pissed. I don't think they'll let this go.

2. [+466, -17] How does it make sense that they can only vote for once in 3~4 hours? They say it takes time because of the code verification. This is honestly so unfair ㅋㅋㅋㅋ I don't care if other singers also require code verification, but EXO is the only one ㅋㅋ SM, just don't let the groups go there. They're being so obvious like this, I can't even imagine how SM groups will be treated at the spot.

3. [+314, -6] We're even more pissed because this is not the only time. In 2009, SNSD hit daebak with Gee. It was definitely a manipulation if SNSD wasn't #1 of digital sales of 2000's. But 2NE1 won the daesang of the year ㅋㅋㅋㅋ They're again working hard to not give a daesang to EXO ㅋㅋ

4. [+206, -7] Wow, EXO-Ls must be so mad. I still remember what VIPs said when there were manipulation posts ㅋㅋ "You thought you wouldn't lose with the votes, are you mad because you're actually losing?" ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+204, -6] Mnet-ah, just exclude all SM artists from the nominees... I don't want the awards because it's frustrating. Let's just have a big SM concert and air it live via V app or other channel. MAMA will wake up after they hit low ratings ㅋㅋ Have fun with Bigbang. I wonder how they'll turn out if SNSD, EXO, SHINee, Red Velvet, and f(x) aren't there.

6. [+183, -6] I honestly don't want SM to send their artists on MAMA. People say "SM party" when there are many SM artists but they'll realize how empty the awards will be without SM.


Pann: Manipulated votes of Mnet, YG, and Bigbang fans + Mnets sees SM as an idiot

1. [+253, -15] EXO has the biggest Chinese fandom. "EXO is losing because their Chinese fandom is weak"? It's a joke. And for MAMA votes, code verification is require for all idols. But for UnionPay's this year's artist/song, only EXO is required to do the verification. That's why Chinese EXO fans can't vote properly. Mnet is blocking all the fans that are complaning.

2. [+218, -12] Voting for EXO in China

3. [+217, -15] Mnet has always treated SM artists like idiots since before. SM needs to take a strong action.

4. [+105, -3] I'm a SHINee fan. EXO-L is not the only one pissed by this matter. I honestly think other fandoms should also fight for this. EXO fans aren't the only ones voting. Other fans must've also done it but it turns out that we were just investing our time meaninglessly and fighting against a machine. It won't take long until this issue gets buried. We need to reach a top search on Naver. EXO-L and other fandoms, let's work hard to have fair votes.

5. [+103, -3] At least it's getting known because EXO-L's fandom power is strong. Imagine how small fandoms got manipulated by Mnet in the past. Mnet has a history of it. Who knows how many singers and fans were affected? I hope EXO-L crushes Mnet. Hwaiting!

6. [+90, -3] We have a new legendary crap - "Bigbang is the only big group with big fandom" ^^ Amazing Mnet and YG!

7. [+85, -19] Company Y dragged Red Velvet when iKON didn't win #1 on M Countdown

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