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Minah's dress is too short?

Pann: Minah's dress is too short

1. [+282, -33] I didn't like the coordi since Ring My Bell. They look pretty enough in long clothes. They need to do a better job.

2. [+271, -2] Hul, it's too short... She must be bothered by it...

3. [+245, -1] This is too much. Isn't it too short?

4. [+94, -11] She mentioned on Radio Star that her coordis keep giving her small clothes. It's a pity because she's getting criticized for being a female idol ㅠㅠ While some male idol wears a rising sun flag and fangirls defend him by blaming his coordi.

5. [+81, -0] I didn't expect it to be this short, wow

6. [+75, -4] Girl's Day needs to change their coordi. Minah must've been uncomfortable with it ㅠㅠ Her pants were too short during Ring My Bell and it exposed her fat ㅠㅠ The coordi is thoughtless. The members look pretty in long clothes because they have good bodies.

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