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Looks of idol company CEOs

Lee Soo Man - SM

Yang Hyun Suk - YG

Park Jin Young - JYP

Lee Ho Yeon - DSP

Lee Joong Yeop - Woollim

Han Sung Soo - Pledis

Han Sung Ho - FNC

Hwang Se Jun - Jellyfish

Bang Si Hyuk - Big Hit

Kim Kwang Soo - MBK (Ex-Core)

Shin Joo Hak - Star Empire

Hong Seung Sung - Cube


Instiz: Looks of idol company CEOs

- Han Sung Ho got a nose job~ Just so that everybody knows

- Se Jun is handsome in real life, I saw him right in front of me

- Bang PD-nim looks the friendliest

- Surprised at the picture of Park Jin Young because he looks handsome there ㅋㅋㅋㅋ Lee Joong Yeop CEO's nose looks like a garlic

- Sung Soo... Take off your ring and glasses so I can punch you ^^

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