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GOT7 Yugyeom makes the same typo as Chorong + Chorong gets unnecessary hate?

(Pann talks about how GOT7 Yugyeom made a same mistake but people only bash Chorong)


Pann: Same mistake, different opinions

1. [+150, -10] What's certain is that you guys overreacted to Chorong. Do you see any other country bashing a Korean for making an English mistake? It's only Korea that does it ㅋㅋ Even a lot of foreigners made the same typo 'play'. Whether they wrote 'pary' or 'play', do you think that they meant to play for Paris? Just take it positively. Chorong does a lot of good things. It's pathetic how people take the chance to hate on her ㅋㅋ

2. [+149, -31] It's not the double standards of female and male idols. It's the difference in their popularity. I don't even know how GOT7 Yugyeom looks like ㅠㅠ Being more popular brings more attention. I liked Chorong when she showed how to draw the Korean flag on TV. It's a pity.

3. [+142, -14] It's a difference in their popularity. Apink Chorong is more popular than GOT7 Yugyeom. She deleted the mistake and apologized. We don't need to bash her this much. She could've made the mistake because 'play' is more used than 'pray'. She was even on a main article. I wonder why people were going so harsh on her.

4. [+37, -2] I feel bad... Her apology was written on their official fancafe where only fans can access to it. It wasn't an official apology or anything and she didn't need to apologize anyways.

5. [+33, -3] This is because their popularity is different ㅋㅋ Another female idol also wrote 'pary' and she barely got any hate because she's unpopular.

6. [+23, -5] I think it's because their popularity is different. She's getting more hate because more people know Apink.

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