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Double Kick Entertainment's upcoming girl group

Heo Chanmi (ex-member of Five Dolls) 1992.04.06

Choi Hee Jae (ex-trainee at Ensoul) 1995.06.30

Nancy Jewel McDonie (ex-trainee at Nega Network) 2000.04.13

Lee Hye Bin (ex-trainee at B2M) 1993

Bin Haneul, 1999

Kim Nayun, 1998

Lee Dabin, 1996


Instiz: Next year girl group of Double Sidekick's company Double Kick entertainment

- Chanmi was pretty and a good singer when she debuted. I felt so bad for her ㅠㅠ Hope she does well

- Is that Nancy the Nancy that I know?

- Five Dolls Chanmi?

- Why are they so young...

- They have good visuals though

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