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Chanyeol and Ilhoon's rap lyrics on Unpretty Rapstar

Chanyeol's rap:

Peekaboo, why a pretty boy on Unpretty Rapstar?
I'm radio, I earn money by my voice, not face
I'm EXO, I represent Korea, I grow up with love
I work hard and make money

My popularity is above Mnet
I know my position exactly
Girls yearn for me
You'll respect me after listening to this rap

Sorry, Lee Soo Man president-nim
Let me do some hip-hop today
Motherfucker, I'll also do some curse
Maybe the fans will go to Hong Kong after this rap

My bank account is like a cemetery, there are more and more 0's
Tomorrow, I'm again going to the airport to earn money
I earn money, earn money, much more than other idols


Ilhoon's rap:

I'm looking around, someone took my life away
Everyone look like a thief
Everyday natural disaster is coming
I can't even use my hands and suffer
I work more and more
But they call me giyomi thang
My rap is blah blah blah, I'm fluttered
Thank you daeinbae, fuck it
This ain't me, please God, Amen
I'm suffocated, with the kids who grip my throat
Bring only one between the two of them
I'm playing
The World is full of binary numeral, all are 0 (accomplishment) or 1 (work)
The one who had that two numbers more is winning, whut


Pann: The levels of Chanyeol and Ilhoon's rap lyrics are different

1. [+264, -30] ㅋㅋㅋㅋ The lyrics tell whether they're experienced with writing lyrics or not

2. [+186, -140] Why are you comparing them? It's not pleasant.

3. [+183, -22] I really like "fuck it, this ain't me, please God, Amen" part, especially when he says 'Amen'

4. [+125, -5] Chanyeol was unexpected. I thought he'd be bad but he was unexpectedly worse.

5. [+90, -2] Oh, Ilhoon's lyrics are really good

6. [+86, -2] Ilhoon was always considered as one of the best lyricists among idols. His stage was so-so but his lyrics, previous songs, and covers aren't something you can look down on.

7. [+57, -1] I give a round of applause to Chanyeol for his confidence

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