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Blind item of a popular idol singing R-rated song and ruining a wedding

Popular male idol A is controversial for his disturbance at a wedding.
A recently sang at a wedding of his long-term hair and makeup stylist.
A was the only member of his group who attended the wedding and he volunteered to sing.
However, instead of a casual love song, A sang his hit song that was released a few years ago. The song was banned on broadcast and had R-rated lyrics. A's song ruined the atmosphere of the wedding and the elders showed discomfort.
An insider says, "it was nice of A to attend and sing at her wedding, but he should've had nice thoughts, too..."


Instiz: Popular idol A sings an R-rated song at his close noona's wedding and ruins the wedding

- Reminds me of PS Partner ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

- Which songs are banned on broadcast...

- I think it's talking about Bigbang Seungri. The reactions weren't bad and the elders enjoyed it. He sang Strong Baby and people took videos and enjoyed it, though.

- It's not Seungri, other Bigbang members also attended the wedding

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