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YG stocks going down since iKON's debut + stockholders' responses

Right before iKON's debut, YG stocks were the highest in history after PSY's Gangnam Style. But since iKON's debut, it's been going down.

Stockholders' responses:

[+11, -1] The stocks were increasing because people were looking forward to iKON. But they turned out to be a cheap version of Winner and Bigbang and mediocre... They're not even as issued as Seventeen, an idol group from a small company. This is the reason why their stocks are going down. YG is on a big crisis.

[+6, -2] iKON has no hope. They don't have charms that can attract fans and their songs are mediocre. Besides, their personalities are not good, either.

[+14, -2] If you listen to My Type, it's boring at the first listen. But you'll soon find the melody good. But after a couple of days, the song starts to sound old-fashioned. This is the problem of iKON.


Instiz: YG's stocks keep going down since iKON's debut, stockholders' responses

- Are they expecting iKON to do well at debut just because they're from YG?

- They just debuted but they're charted high. Isn't it successful enough?

- Let's talk after they release the full album. It's not easy to be charted #1 as soon as debuting

- I hope both iKON and Seventeen win the rookie award~

- I think it's because of Yang Hyun Suk's controversy, not iKON

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