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The shampoo Taeyeon uses

Q) Taeyeon unnie <3 Which shampoo do you use?

A) Shiseido color shampoo

[Shiseido] the hair care 1000ml
Soft and strong hair, maintains the color

Tiffany also uses the same brand


Instiz: The shampoo Taeyeon uses

- It's because her hair is easily damaged due to countless dyes and curls

- Hul, the price of the shampoo is similar to the price of a concert

- Wow... I buy 1+1 shampoos from a mart ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

- She should use a really good shampoo because she changes her hair color everyday ㅋㅋ Or else, say sayonara to your hair

- I didn't even know that an expensive shampoo like this existed

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