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IU's sly personalities + Eunhyuk the victim

Naver comments on IU & Jang Kiha articles:

[+5683, -546] It's an upgrade from Eunchovy soup

[+770, -76] IU is finally getting away from anchovy

[+755, -97] Anticipating to see another legendary excuse after 'vising the sick'

[+664, -77] Daebak shocking ㅋㅋ But it's much better than the anchovy who didn't even enlist


Pann: The biggest victim of IU's dating news

1. [+227, -11] IU gave a fast feedback to this dating news but never mentioned about the picture... Even if she didn't want to reveal that she was dating Eunhyuk, she could've apologized for disturbing him and say it was a misunderstanding ㅋㅋ I like IU but Eunhyuk incident gives me goosebumps. Eunhyuk is so pitiful.

2. [+224, -5] True. Eunhyuk was insulted on variety shows for years when IU was the one who made the mistake.

3. [+220, -2] I think he was and still is the biggest victim. Eunhyuk got much more sexual insults. Even on broadcast, they never asked IU about it but they asked Eunhyuk straight ahead.

4. [+88, -2] IU went on Hwashin and said Eunhyuk called her to ask if she was OK. As I'm stanning Eunhyuk, one thing I realized was that Eunhyuk is such a saint and it's being used by others. Honestly, most IU fans admit that it was IU's fault for uploading the picture, even if it was an accident. She dealt with it poorly and people treated Eunhyuk like the offender for 3 years. He even said that he thought of retiring his celebrity career. He talked about it on Super Junior's One Fine Day. I know that IU is pretty, good to fans, and is musically talented but Super Junior fans will hold a grudge on IU until the end.

5. [+86, -3] Eunhyuk is honestly a saint ㅋㅋ Shouldn't he sue?

6. [+83, -2] It's so true. Isn't IU the one at fault?

7. [+73, -4] Eunhyuk was staying silent and then IU made him get hate, whether it was intended or not

8. [+71, -2] It's fair to say that IU ruined Eunhyuk's idol career. Whether it was a mistake or not, IU is the one who caused it.

9. [+60, -2] IU made the mistake but Eunhyuk is the one getting hate until the end

10. [+58, -2] I would've flipped tables if I was Eunhyuk. He's such a saint...


Pann: Am I the only one who finds IU a bit iffy?

(Pann talks about IU's sly and calculating personalities)

1. [+378, -124] She's a fox pretending to be a bear

2. [+331, -124] The incidents of beef and Eunhyuk... She ruined the images of Wooyoung and Eunhyuk and yet she's pretending to be innocent.

3. [+297, -72] I seriously can't understand why she uploaded a picture of her with a male idol in pajama. Also, when I read her feedback that said, "I was going to reveal it but I didn't know how I should tell", I knew she was smart and that she was gonna have a stable celebrity career. She must be thankful to her fans but I got the vibe. A lot of people say she takes care of the people around her but her past controversies are a little ambiguous.

4. [+165, -175] Wow... I'm getting goosebumps. Why are you guys so scary? I personally don't like IU and it's not because of Eunhyuk incident, it's because of the video of the manager's clothes and she's the type of person that I dislike. "She ruined Eunhyuk's image and is pretending to be innocent"? At that time, there was barely any hate towards Eunhyuk and IU got most of the hate. I saw IU's image getting ruined. How can you say Eunhyuk's image is ruined and that IU is doing well now? Eunhyuk wasn't even that popular in the first place but IU was popular. It took a long time for her to regain her popularity with her music and acting. It's not like Eunhyuk was so popular and then the incident ruined his popularity. He wasn't popular and is still not ㅋㅋ I don't even like IU but it's gross how you guys are far-fetching. I also think IU's personalities are so-so but I admit her talent and music. Know proper reasons before bashing someone.

5. [+157, -14] Agreed... And she said she was thinking of how she should reveal her relationship when her relationship has been 2 years ㅋㅋ It's obvious that she was saying it for her fans. I also think she said she lost her chance to Dispatch so that people will call Dispatch out. In fact, Dispatch did get hate ㅋㅋ Honestly, she had a plenty of time to reveal her relationship in the past 2 years. I wonder why she said she lost the chance. I don't find her likeable because she seems calculating and fake.

6. [+145, -21] Finally people are talking about it ㅠㅠ I'm not saying that she's a bad person. I like her songs and she's cute so I like her but she honestly seems like a fox. But when I try to talk about it, people would call me jealous ㅠㅠ She doesn't seem to be bad, but sly. In the past, IU was the only celebrity that I liked but I somehow couldn't bring myself to stan her. I still think the same when I see her on variety shows. It's not like she has bad personalities, but she's a fox who calculates how to act. Like a very smart fox.

7. [+132, -13] Yes. I really like IU as a singer but if I knew her personally, I wouldn't want to be close to her. She's really good at calculating and she knows exactly what to do for a minimum damage.

8. [+127, -12] She has a fox side, probably because she grew up in hard conditions

9. [+112, -7] I honestly didn't agree when there were articles of IU's good personalities. I think she knows how to act to make people adore her. I feel like she never exposes her true self to anyone, no matter how close they are.

10. [+111, -9] I really feel bad for Eunhyuk

11. [+103, -6] Hey, we can dismiss all controversies and say she was too young. But she should've came up with a clarification for Eunhyuk incident. She hid behind her company's "vising the sick" excuse and posted that she was sorry for her fans. Why is she not apologizing to Eunhyuk? Isn't she fully responsible for Eunhyuk scandal? IU posted the picture and never really clarified it, which is why people are still talking about it. Yesterday, in Jang Kiha & IU articles, Eunhyuk was the only one who got insulted when he did nothing wrong. I'm not a fan of Eunhyuk but it's pathetic how IU fans are defending her. IU got a lot of hate, too? So? IU is getting hate for the mistake she made, whether it was intentional or not. Eunhyuk still gets mentioned about IU after years. I would've grabbed IU's hair if I was Eunhyuk. I'm not even his fan but her fans are pissing me off. Before arguing the hate she got, know that IU started all of it. Eunhyuk and IU scandal is IU's responsibility.

12. [+101, -7] I think she's staying as a top singer with her fandom and public because she has face, talent, and career. If she was untalented and not sly, she would've became another Yewon.

13. [+93, -8] If she wasn't sly, she wouldn't be popular like now

14. [+81, -6] IU knows how to act to be adored. She reads all of the comments. I honestly find her so-so because it shows too much.

15. [+80, -4] I like IU but I sometimes notice it ㅋㅋ

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