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Taeyeon's win on Show Champion was robbed by BTOB?

Article: BTOB wins #1 on 'Show Champion' for the first time since debut... Beats Taeyeon and Ailee and reaches the top

Voting results of Show Champion on the week:
1) Taeyeon (79.4%)
2) BTOB (15.2%)
3) Kyuhyun (3.6%)
4) Super Junior (0.6%)
5) Oh My Girl (0.4%)

Taeyeon had higher votes, higher digital/physical sales, and higher Youtube views than BTOB but she did not win #1


Instiz: Taeyeon's win was robbed on Show Champion yesterday

- I think you don't win #1 if you don't perform on the show?
-- A lot of singers win #1 on the show even if they don't perform

- Yes, I wonder how BTOB won #1... Show Champion is becoming less and less fair

- B2ST and EXO didn't perform but they won #1 before. They even went to the airport to give the award to B2ST

- I'm heartbroken... My bias worked hard to win #1 after 1310 days but it was by robbing...

- I thought BTOB had higher physical sales, though? 'Robbing' is a mean word to use here

- BTOB had higher physical sales and Taeyeon exceeded in every other category

- The same thing happened to Infinite and VIXX before. Infinite had higher votes, digital sales, and everything else but they still lost

- It's not like BTOB robbed Taeyeon's win, it's Show Champion who decided this

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