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Sulli's pale skin

Pann: Sulli's skin tone

1. [+163, -111] What a pity

2. [+136, -35] Wow... I think Sulli is the prettiest idol

3. [+117, -10] Sulli has a spring tone

4. [+60, -2] I thought Sulli had a cool tone but it wasn't true. IU, Sulli and Suzy all have a spring tone... She's so pale.

5. [+54, -15] The gif was called Yoondelinquent ㅋㅋ Yoona got so much hate at that time. Students nowadays don't know about this controversy because they were too young. Sulli was a trend when she debuted because of her looks. All female and male idols chose her as #1 visual and that was when Yoona was popular. Yoona was acting defensive against Sulli in obvious ways ㅋㅋㅋㅋ She got a lot of hate with the gif.

6. [+45, -15] Why is Yoona blocking Sulli? Sulli is smiling brightly and then Yoona just covers her...

7. [+43, -28] Yoona's face looks so mean... How rude

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